Back Pain

Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

How Chronic Pain Confuses Your Brain

You may think that one part of the body hurts, when in fact, another part of the body, far removed from the pain, is the real source of trouble. This is known as referred pain. Many times, referred pain comes from pinched nerves in the neck, mid-back or lower spine.

Have you experienced numbnesstingling or burning?

Nerve Pinching Due to Slipped, Bulging or Herniated Disc

Nerve pinching can be caused by a slipped disc, bulging disc, herniated disc or by a calcium deposit causing a bone spur on the nerve. In medical terms, this process of the disc joint going “bad” is known as “degeneration of the disc.”

Pinched nerves in the mid or lower back may feel like “kidney pain,” “hip pain,” “thigh pain,” “leg pain,” or “foot pain.” Pinched nerves in the lower spine can also produce leg cramps at night or restless leg syndrome, and can result in balance difficulty, difficulty urinating or trouble walking.

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